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Rocky Mountain Fencing Academy

RMFA has introduced fencing to hundreds of adults and children in the Denver, Colorado Springs area. We provide a positive athletic environment for all ages and abilities. It's a club for new and experienced fencers, whether you're looking for a fun, fitness activity or are pursuing an elite competitive career.
Please visit us in our facilities check our website and let us know how we are doing.
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New 2017/2018 Fencing Season

2017 Summer Nationals is behind us, vacation time too school already started so now is time to think about new 2017/2018 fencing season. On US Fencing website you can find new season calendar but our local Colorado Region schedule is only partially published on Ask Fred website. Check our Events Calendar.

2017 Nick Toth Open

2017 Nick Toth Open @Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs one of the first tournament in this new fencing season was pretty good for our fencers. In men's epee event Sam Frueh showed us very good fencing and finished tournament in fifth place. Highest ever in the senior tournament......


Fencing In The School

With Olympic Champion Maciej Czyzowicz and RMFA, you now have the opportunity to build a youth program (based on after school sport program) capable of training fencers who can train, compete and also have a great opportunity to receive a fencing scholarship to some of the greatest US Colleges.

Champions learn


  •  Self Control is not learned overnight
  • Don’t just achieve your goals; strive to exceed your goals.
  • Goals should identify minimum performance.
  • They should never limit your performance.
  • Champions strive to exceed their limits –
    By making the good better, and the better best.
  • They never let it rest until the good is better, and the better is best.
  • Real winners are champions in life, not just in sports.




  • Excellence is achieved o­nly through constant pursuit.
  • Setbacks should be viewed as temporary
    They provide a basis for learning.
  • Failure o­nly comes with quitting.
  • Missing a goal means setting another goal to strive for.
  • Improvement is a progression.
  • Problems don’t disappear overnight.
  • Persistence gives a new strategy enough time to work.
  • When trying a new strategy, focus o­n performance, not o­n evaluation of a new strategy.
  • Champions are willing to lose a little in the short run to gain an advantage in the long run.
  • True confidence is based o­n the thoroughness of preparation.
  • A champion consistently learns and improves.
  • Standing still means stagnation.



winning attitudes

To develop the Winning Attitude you must:

  • Become excited, confident, and enthusiastic about your goals.
  • Give yourself permission to be a winner.
  • Winners have the ability to look inside themselves and find that special dream.
  • The winner always has a goal.
  • The winner stresses solutions, not problems.
  • Winners have plans to reach their goals.
  • Winners make total commitments to their goals.
  • Winners have positive attitudes in all elements of their lives. The more you think, talk about and write about a thing happening, the greater the certainty of that thing happening.
  • Winning is an inside job.
  • Self-discipline is the winner’s creed.


we are amazing

We bring something special

Fencing teaches us the art of life. By learning how to manage our bodies, to manage our minds, and to invoke that fire within, we are learning to master our life as we master the art of fencing. Learning to take a loss and learn from it is the key to being successful in life, and it’s one of the most important tools that fencers learn.
Fencing helps improve your cardiovascular fitness and increase your metabolism. Fencing develop or improve hand and eye coordination, improve balance, reduce stress, and elevate self confidence and self esteem.
All while having a great time!

come and fence with us

We Will Show You The Way

We will teach you that skills for the strip – it teaches us skills for life! You will learn physical fitness and mental resilience. We will show you how to support one another and how to be happy for an opponent. How to get knocked down but then to get back up again. Learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. How to gain quick reflexes, how to compete independently, gain a sense of accomplishment when winning and learn to profit from your defeats. You will learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast on your feet.

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